Buldakov Alexey , Ryabova Anastasia


September 25 - November 1, 2011
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Artists statement

Atentionwhores are mulitudes of rivals fighting to draw our attention. Each element in the huge pile of trash seeks to become – at least for a second – the most important of the elements. Each occasional move seeks to be come consistent. Every happening must be comprehended. Multitudes of nonentities put away to the periphery of our attention and rotting beyond the margins of actuality need the artists’ effort to open up their potential.

Does the absence of the right to speak lead to the deficit of attention? The unimportant objects captured in the extra-short video clips are unexpectedly granted the right to speak. The sound of this voice is irregular but well-directed and Hitchcockingly haunting. With only difference that Hitchcock enigmates meaningful details of his films, while we mystified various obscure insignificant elements.